The claims made on this website are based on Canadian regulations and not intended for an international audience, as they may be unacceptable in some jurisdictions. Accepted health claims for probiotics vary in accordance to regional regulations, and are subject to approval, in most cases are specific to the strain(s) of micro-organism utilized. Biacta™ is not a singular product, but a combination of patented and patent-pending technologies, with micro-organisms selected, optimized and custom formulated for each unique application in accordance with regulatory compliance in the region of use.

Vientero does not warrant that Biacta™ will perform in any specific way on a particular substrate or under the specific conditions unique to the processing, storage, transport and preparation of various food products. Claims about performance in terms of shelf-life extension and heat resistance are based on independent laboratory testing in a narrow range of applications, and it is strongly advised that additional application-specific testing is conducted by our customer prior to any commercial use of Biacta™.

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