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The new dual-action probiotic for meat, poultry and seafood

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Shelf-Life Extender
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Breakthrough Health Benefits
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Biacta® is a truly revolutionary dual‑action technology with the potential to transform meat, poultry, seafood and related industries.

In a time when processors and producers are challenged with unprecedented marketing and health concerns and a dire need for differentiation, Biacta®> is the answer.

Health Canada and CFIA Approved

Protected by Biacta

Without the use of traditional chemicals and acids, Biacta® is ideally suited for use with organic foods.

Biacta® is completely flavourless and odourless, and has no effect on the taste, texture, aroma or mouth-feel of foods.

Shelf-Life Extender

As a natural bio-preservative, Biacta® stops spoilage agents and pathogenic bacteria. The result is extended shelf-life and improved food safety through novel, patent-protected technologies.


Biacta® protects against
E. Coli, Salmonella & Listeria.

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Health Benefits

Biacta® contains probiotics that are exceptionally resistant to heat, salinity, acidity, abrasion and freezing, and provides live microorganisms that contribute to healthy gut flora, with widely recognized health benefits that include better digestive health.

Over 80% of consumers recognize the word “probiotic” and associate it with a health benefit.

Heat Resistant Probiotic

Probiotics have transformed the dairy industry, and Biacta® technology now enables probiotic cultures to survive cooking and processing – enabling the same health benefits for meats and other proteins.

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Vientero works with industry partners to create custom and exclusive solutions that give food products unique food safety and recognized health claims. Through proprietary patented and patent-pending technologies, Vientero can offer market-exclusive properties to your products that competitors cannot duplicate – enabling you to secure unprecedented market share in highly competitive sectors while remaining consistent with clean labelling protocols. All that’s added to the ingredient list is the probiotic name. Biacta® is also suited for organic food applications.

Protein is a valuable substrate for probiotics because it buffers stomach acid, enabling the microorganisms to do their work. Probiotics are now common in dairy products such as yogurt and soft cheeses – but a large percentage of the world’s adult population is lactose intolerant. Biacta® is allergen-free, and enables the addition of highly resistant probiotics to a wide range of meat proteins, making their sought-after health benefits available to everyone – finally!

Through Vientero’s unique ProbiotectionTM technology, Biacta® can be custom-tailored to specific applications and to the specialized needs of various meat, poultry and seafood products, including processed sandwich meats, sushi and fried chicken, as well as steaks, frozen burger patties and other grill-ready meat products.

Through intensive third-party laboratory validation, Biacta® has demonstrated extreme resistance to: Heat, Freezing, Acidity (High & low pH), Salinity & Spices, Abrasion (Grinding & Blending), Low Moisture & Oxygen Levels.

Biacta® is easy to apply at any stage: deboning, cutting, grinding, mixing, drying, breading, freezing, cooking or slicing. It is easily liquefied for spraying or blended with a spice mix or ground meat.

Biacta® has an exceptionally low cost per portion – far less than the value added through shelf-life extension and health benefits.

Because Vientero’s unique ProbiotectionTM process uses proven microorganism strains and the results of comprehensive independent laboratory testing are soundly documented, implementation can be highly streamlined.

Our experienced food scientist and Quality Control consultant will guide your team through the process, from application to labelling and regulatory compliance.

Health Canada
and CFIA Approved

Biacta® is Health Canada and CFIA approved for use in Canada, and uses GRAS affirmed and FDA approved probiotic strains.

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